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As in every Healers practice there appear from time to time, cases where my experience tells me I have been prescribing the correct herbal treatments and giving the correct advice and nothing happens. Nothing at all.

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Herb gardens were originally called "physic" gardens strongly implying the benefits that many of God's given plants can confer. There is nothing as refreshing or delicious as home grown and freshly picked herbs to make your own teas, tisanes, soups and even hair rinses and lotions. Their flavour and nutritional/medicinal value is much greater when they come straight from the earths life giving forces.

However not all herbs will grow in your climate and not all herbs are available all year so resort to the dried variety rather than do without. I cannot imagine living without Lavenders, Rosemary, Yarrow, Thyme, Mints, Parsley, Chamomile, Sage, Marjoram and Marigolds/Calendula. These ones mentioned are relatively easy and simple to grow at home.

The following notes are a list of herbs often used in tea form along with their benefits.

* Digestive for protein.
* Reduces Acidity, Arthritis.
* Assists to reduce allergic reactions. (amino acids)

* Stomach Strengthener.
* Immunity protection from colds and flu.
* General Tonic for rheumatic complaints.(Cu, Vit A, Steroids)

* Used as a digestive.
* Expectorant for hacking coughs and catarrh

* Demulcent qualities soothe the urinary tract for cystitis.
* Lemon barley water is a nutritious and diuretic drink.

Basil- "The King Of All Herbs"
* Likes to have its foliage watered as well as its roots.
* Gives off its aroma without the leaves being crushed.
* Deters flies.
* Clears the head and brain.
* Use it sparingly and at the last minute for culinary purposes to prevent bitterness.

* Sometimes called Oswego .
* Contains thymol which makes it useful for sore throats.
* Use bruised leaves in a salad for piquant flavour.

Borage "Herb Of Gladness"
* Promotes kidney and adrenal health when used fresh with salads.Chop finely after washing to remove "hairiness".
* The saline content helps reduce temperatures and fevers when taken as a hot tea.

Black Currant
* Vitimin C, P and Folic acid. Dried Fruit, Ribena, Rocket Fuel

Catmint (Nepeta Cataria) Not the Garden Variety
* Used as a mild sedative especially for children who suffer from nightmares, restlessness at night. Better when taken regularly.
* A favourite tonic for cats.
* Attracts Butterflies !!

* Don't waste the water that celery has been cooked in.
* Assists rheumatic problems.
* Kidneys and Mineral Balance (Ph, Na, Si) CAUTION

"The Herb Of Humility"
* Vagus Nerve. Sleep, Abdominal Migraine, Allergies etc (A team)
* Chamomile tea ensures a soothed digetsive system and a good nights sleep.
* Mild enough to be used for children and babies.
* Add it to bath water to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, including sunburn.
* Used as a rinse for a hair tonic,highlighting and perfuming blonde hair.
* Put any left over tea on the compost to keep it sweet.

* Used in the floral clock as flowers open at sunrise and close at 2 pm.
* Leaves align themselves to the north -it is said to have great life giving qualities.
* Can be eaten as a vegetable.
* Used in conjunction with coffee to provide support to the liver.

* Flavour, Clear the Head (brain)
* Cleanses the mouth and throat and can cure nausea if sipped slowly when warm.
* May prevent and alleviate the symptoms of colds.

Bronchial. Tea and Smoked.

Corn Silk
* Soothing for urinary complaints, cystitis and UTI
* Only useful when still green

Couch Grass
* CAUTION This is not the couch grass that grows in our lawns.
* Diuretic and Bladder Sphincters

* Liver, Kidney and Gall Support
* Acne, Allergies, Hepatitis, Chemotherapy (A Team)
* Use leaves in salads and juices.
* More potent in spring and summer

Dill Seed
* Colic, wind-dispeller (dill water)
* Gassy with Cucumber Cabbage etc.
* Used for fretful infants-carminative.

Elder Flower
* A refreshing Tonic, Endocrine Balance, Soothing, * Stimulating and astringent as a skin cosmetic (A Team)

* Respiratory - use as inhalant.
* Helps remove Fleas from animal sleeping areas

* Liver and Pancreas. Eye lotion. Wt Control

* Lymphatic - aid in digestion of fats.
* Sinus.
* Skin, Diaphoretic (choline and lecithin)
* Brings down a fever, take with garlic and echinacea.

* Aids Digestion.
* Reduces flatulence.

* Pituitary Stimulant -can create a feeling of wellbeing.
* This herb does not always have the same effect on all people.

* Heart and Circulation. Safe Cardiac Tonic.

* Iron Copper and Vitimin C added to Rosehips.

* Relaxant, Releases Nervous System Tension
* Some say if drunk first thing in the morning it will help a hangover headache.
* Usedas a poultice for boils and bruises.

* A strong tea from leaves and flowers can reduce catarrh and congestion of the throat and nose.
* For the pain and bruising of black eyes a bunch of leaves in a muslin bag, immersed in boiling water and placed as hot as possible on the eye can reduce swelling and discolouration.

* Oedema, Cystitis, (K) Blend with Celery and Barley.
* Diuretic.

* Vitimin C, Enzymes, Astringent Tonic
* A few sips of lemon tea can stop stubborn hiccoughs.
* Therapeutic aid to prevent clotting.

Lemon Balm
"The Scholars Herb" * Powerfully attracts bees.
* Taken daily to improve memory and improve understanding of students.
* Diaphoretic, Over Heating- can be added to cool summer drinks along with mint to cool you down
* The leaves make a poultice for boils.

Lemon Grass
* Used for clear skin and bright eyes.
* Use as a night cap with a little honey and lemon.

* Laxative. * Adrenal Exhaustion, Cortisone Antidote. * Soothing for stomach ulcers

* Relaxant, Wind Down.

* Adds a celery flavour to stews and salads.
* May be used in the bath for its deodorizing qualities.
* A tea is helpful for rheumatic conditions, to stimulate the kidneys and remove waste products.

* Smooth muscle and heart tonic.
* Satisfying enough to take the place of a carbohydrate snack.
* Helps one think clearly.

* Digestive , aids in the bringing up of wind.
* Mouth wash-for sore gums and tongue.
* Cosmetic skin improvers when used as a lotion.

* Iron, Arterial Tonic, Anaemia, Low BP (A Team).
* Assists burns, insect bites ans skin irritations.
* May comfort rheumatic pains.

Parsley Tonic, CAUTION

Penny Royal
* Deterent to ants and their nests.
* Acts as a flea and mosquito repellent.
* A tea is helpful for depression with honey and a slice of orange.
* Garnish new potatoes with a few chopped leaves.

* May discourage the smoking habit for those anxious to stop.
* Wineglassful doses for diarrhea and haemorroids.
* Soothing for toothache when held in the mouth.

Raspberry Leaves
* Tones uterine Ligaments, pre, during and post birthing

Red Clover
* Spleen, Minerals and Blood Tonic, Cysts. CAUTION

* Set the seed on Good Friday.
* Eases aching muscles when used in the bath.
* Rub oil lightly on temples to aid memory.
* Use as a final tonic rinse for hair .
* Rubbing on the oil can reduce dandruff.

-"Herb Of Grace"
* Treat with care when handling as it can be inflammatory for sensitive skin.
* A weak tea can be taken internally and also used as an eye bath.
* Strengthens blood vessels including those in the eye.
* An insect repellent in the garden.

* Best used fresh for culinary use.
* A tea strengthens the brain, memory and senses.
* Eat Sage leaves on bread with butter every day.
* Use as a rinse and tonic to darken grey hair.
* Cerebro Circulatory Tonic, Blood Brain

* Low or inefficient hormone production. Both sexes.

* A nonhabit forming safe laxative for anyone , following surgery, travelling etc.

Slippery Elm
* Muselage, Ulcers, Baby Food (A Team)

* A tea from flowers and leaves can expell round worms from animals and humans.
* Dried crumbled leaves can keep moths away.
* Tea reduces bodily weakness and limb pain following the flu.
* Withstands grimy air and smog.
* Planted among roses can deter aphids.

* Rub Thyme oil on temples for headache resulting from tension and strain.
* A very powerful antiseptic.
* For sore throats and colds.
* An aid for singers and speakers,

* It has very unpleasant taste and aroma.
* Valerain has strong sedative qualities in its roots.NB. they need to be dried and powdered before use.
* Strengthening to the nerves assisting the body to send calm and relaxed messages.
* Growing it draws earth worms close by.
* Rotten Vegetation, (Mag Phos) (A Team)

"A Sacred Herb" * Soldiers Herb- closes and heals wounds and cuts. It is a natural Styptic.
* Emergency Pick - me - up.Have a cup when you wake up feeling ghastly.
* A tea of leaves taken very night before bed can break chronic cold symptoms, reduce a fever and prevent cramp after exercise in cold weather.
* A cup of tea can stop nose bleed.
* Used with Elecampane chopped into the compost for quick activation.

Robert McDowell
June 2001

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