We were all thrilled to receive so many messages following the last newsletter, thankyou for sending your support - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

Comments from Kathy:- Your newsletters are perfect just the way they are!

Comments from Carol: What a sad comment - splitting this type of newsletter for animals and humans - I do believe that all creatures should live in harmony... Natural herbs and products affect all in a similar fashion. Does Anne realise the sad truth that so many experiments are done on animals for our benefit!!! - I so enjoy learning about our canine and feline friends. We could learn so much from our pets behaviour. I must say, I welcome such a newsletter... it reminds me to read about Human health every now and again. Keep it up.

Comments from Wendy: Hi Robert, as a horse and dog lover who does bodywork I love your newsletter and the way it crosses over- please don't change it. Regards, Wendy

Comments from Tracey: Dear all,
just a bit concerned about your advice re only giving pups raw chicken bones and no supplements. What about the pulped raw veg and essential fatty acids, kelp, green barley etc... blend. Also are you not concerned about the health of battery hens- they say they don't use any antibiotics or hormones anymore, however this is still not certain I feel. Anyway I know the newsletter is only a brief guide and there is more info elsewhere. Just concerned some people may be giving too much animal protein and nothing else. Thanks for the newsletter,

Dear Tracey

We agree with Tracey about pulped raw vegies, occasional sprinkle of rolled oats, or spoonful of crushed millet and linseed and cod liver oil.

The life of battery hens is a frightening subject to research, see below for the facts I found.

Battery ,Hens
In Switzerland the battery cage has been prohibited since 1992. In Sweden it was prohibited in by 1998. Denmark is moving in that direction. In Australia 80% of those surveyed would like to see the cage banned.

TV coverage of de-beaked, de-feathered, sick, dying and dead hens crammed into cages in filthy conditions, of eggs laid by living hens on the rotting corpses of their cage mates - scenes such as this have sickened viewers and convinced them they want no part of this cruel, polluting and unhealthy industry.

The research suggests that "battery cages cause suffering to hens in at least 7 different ways"*:

  • Chronic frustration of normal behaviours including dustbathing and wing-flapping.
  • Chronic inhibition of comfort behaviours and increased incidence of frustration behaviours.
  • Chronic stress and disruption of social interaction.
  • Acute suffering during the pre-laying period every day caused by frustration of nesting behaviour.
  • Prevention of foraging and feather pecking.
  • Inability to maintain bone strength due to restriction of exercise.
  • Lack of perching opportunities and prevention of roosting.

*Baxter MR (1994). The welfare problems of laying hens in battery cages. Veterinary Record 134:614-619. There are humane alternatives to battery hens

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