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Linda wrote:

Love your newsletter by the way and I just want to report that I and several people related to me experience sleep disturbance during the full moon. Inability to get to sleep as easily as usual and restlessnes while sleeping.

Navniet wrote:

A friend once told me that the new moon signifies a finishing of some old issue and a new start. I find it true in my life. Just about every time I feel like I've put some issue behind me and am making a different new approach in my life I discover its a new moon day! They call it 'amavasya' in India and many major festivals which signify the start of a new cycle happen on these days.

I think that eons of companionship by living beings on Earth with the Moon (and the other planets) has made us 'live together', in the way people who work together or live together - and are naturally influenced by one another in ways more than they can document. (I also have always noticed that every time Mercury - the planet that rules communication - is retrograde is slowly moving back into normal motion, things go crazy with post, emails, the internet in general - and most painfully, with the websites - as happened last week. Thankfully Mercury - which is also my ruling planet - has just gotten to its normal position now - making a favorable aspect with the planet of sudden shocks and out-of-the-box creativity - Uranus. I wonder what that means!)

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