Bogie Taplin from Canada.. Happy up till his final days… - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

I want to thank you for the Maritime Bark and SCC Treatment that Bogie has been on for two years.

Bogie's tumor burst and we took him to the Emergency Vet and they stopped the bleeding and did a CT scan and found that the mass was probably operable to remove it so we went up this morning to see the Surgeon who was a specialist in soft tissue surgery and she showed us the scan and they operated on Bogie but we lost him on the Operating Table...

His heart rate started to drop and they couldn't save him. We knew going in that he was at risk but we couldn't leave him the way he was or put him down because he was healthy as a horse for 17 and they were amazed at how healthy he was except for this growth. We could not have brought him home without operating because he was oozing blood from the tumour and we couldn't take care of him for fear that he would lose too much blood.

We decided to operate because our only other option was putting him down and he was healthy as a horse except for this bleeding mass. I couldn't believe it when the Doctor called me - I could tell by her voice it wasn't good news but I never expected that his heart would go out.

I called my Husband and we went up to see him and they wheeled him into the room on a stretcher with a black blanket over him - all that was showing was his little soft face and his white footers on the stretcher and he just looked like he was sleeping.

We kissed him goodbye.

I know Bogie could never have made it this far without your treatments and I am so sorry to say that we have lost him.

I am not sure if I ever sent you a photo of Bogie but I am attaching one now and want to thank you for keeping him healthy to the end.

Carol Taplin-Ontario


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