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Fibromatosis, it is a benign growth of the plantar fascia. It may be worse when associated with diabetes, epilepsy, and alcoholism . Some doctors say its an aggressive healing response to small tears in the plantar fascia.
Treatment is usually not required until it becomes large enough to cause pressure-related pain with weight bearing. Orthotics can help redistribute pressure away from the fibrotic nodular lesions.
It is advisable to avoid surgery as it usually results in recurrence and may also result in unintentional instability of the foot when fascial removal is excessive.
Other suggestions:-
- night splints (adding a great toe wedge will increase stretching effect
on fascia, but can be very painful in the beginning)
- a plantar fascia stretching device
- orthotics and shoe wear modification
- apply an oil/cream that has a combination of Emu Oil, Wild Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract , Thuja, and Myrrh Oil non-essential. You could buy some 100gr thuja ointment (health food stores) and add to it 2ml each of tea tree oil, oregano oil and myrrh oil -what ever ones you can find.
Apply twice daily. For 3 months.


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Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese?

Dr. Johanna Budwig is known and highly respected around the world, as Germany's premier biochemist. Over the years she has published a number of books including "Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, and other Diseases".

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Home Remedies - Aloe Vera

Home Remedies - Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a highly respected and loved plant. It is easily grown in a pot or poor soils, likes full sun and is drought hardy but not frost tolerant at all.

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Home Remedies - Antioxidants

"Antioxidant" is a classification of several organic substances, including vitamins C and E, vitamin A (which is converted from beta-carotene), selenium (a mineral), and a group known as the carotenoids. Carotenoids, of which beta- carotene is the most popular, are a pigment that adds colour to many fruits and vegetables -- without them, carrots wouldn't be orange, for example. Together as antioxidants, these substances are thought to be effective in helping to prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

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Home Remedies - Apple Cider Vinegar and Hayfever

This ailment is marked by watery eyes, sneezing and running nose, in other words there is an excess of fluid which the body is drastically trying to offload. For an effective relief, honey and cider vinegar should be utilized which will bring excellent results. A tablespoonful of honey should be taken after each meal for approximately a fortnight before the onset of the hay-fever season. The ordinary dosage of cider vinegar and honey should then be taken viz: two teaspoons of cider vinegar and two of honey in a glass of water, three times a day. This dosage should be maintained during the entire hay-fever season.

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Home Remedies - Aromatherapy - Not to be sneezed at!t

Essential oils stimulates the powerful sense of smell. It is known that odors we smell have a significant impact on how we feel. In dealing with patients who have lost the sense of smell, doctors have found that a life without fragrance can lead to high incidence of psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression. We have the capability to distinguish an amzing 10,000 different smells. It is believed that smells enter through cilia (the fine hairs lining the nose) to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls our moods, emotions, memory and learning.

Studies with brain wave frequency has shown that smelling lavender increases alpha waves in the back of the head, which are associated with relaxation. Fragrance of Jasmine increases beta waves in the front of the head, which are associated with a more alert state.

Scientific studies have also shown that essential oils contain chemical components that can exert specific effects on the mind and body. Their chemistry is complex, but generally includes alcohols, esters, ketones, aldehydes.

Each essential oil contains as much as 100 chemical components, which together exert a strong effect on the whole person. Depending on which component is predominating in an oil, the oils act differently. For example, some oils are relaxing, some soothes you down, some relieves your pain, etc. Then there are oils such as lemon and lavender, which adapt to what your body needs, and adapt to that situation. (These are called "adaptogenic"). The mechanism in which these essential oils act on us is not very well understood. What is understood is that they affect our mind and emotions.

It has been well established that chicken soup is good for a cold (both historically and scientifically). Studies were conducted to find out whether the effect was due to the action of the hot steam on the lining of the nostrils or whether the aroma of the chicken soup has some thing to do with it. The results indicated that chicken soup was more effective than the steam, indicating the effectiveness of the aroma itself.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is often associated with rememberance as it was once grown on the graves of ancestors to invoke their help and guidance. Still today we wear it on Anzac day as it is associated with constancy, friendship and trust and even on other occasions where solemn vows and pledges are made.

Rosemary oil is used to improve the memory, relax muscles and strengthen the brain. Put a few drops in your bath after a hard days physical work, or rub a few drops in your temples if working for exams.

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Home Remedies - Beating the Blues

We all feel a little down sometimes but here is a home remedy that will help you beat the blues.

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Home Remedies - Black Strap Molasses

Black Strap Molasses is made from Sugar Cane. The roots of the sugar cane grow as deep as 15 feet and therefore are able to receive a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements normally lacking in the top soils. Blackstrap molasses comes from a third boiling in the sugar cane process leaving behind the exceptionally rich mineral/trace element cocktail, with a good selection of vitamins. It's very thick and dark and somewhat bitter. Health food followers describe all sorts of benefits to a diet rich in blackstrap molasses. Because it is an end-product all the ingredients, residues, and toxins in the plant can be concentrated in the molasses. For this reason it is important to purchase organic molasses.

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Home Remedies - Boils

A boil starts out suddenly as an itchy, red, painful lump. They are sore to the touch. Usually within 24 hours, the lump fills with pus and takes on a round appearance with a yellow-white tip. There may be swelling around the boil as well as swelling of any lymph node near the boil. Lymph nodes are located in the neck, armpit, and groin area.

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Home Remedies - Cabbage leaves for engorgement

Severe engorgement about the third or fourth day after the baby is born can usually be prevented by getting the baby latched on well and drinking well from the very beginning.

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Home Remedies - Calming Allergic Reactions

Using herbs that balance the immune system, decrease inflammation and soothe indigestion. Chamomile and Marshmallow perform all three of these roles, Peppermint and Ginger aid digestion and decrease inflammation, and Echinacea provides the immune system with discretion in dealing with foreign substances.

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Home Remedies - Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most widely used flowers for herbal tea. Chamomile Tea is so popular, it is found in most grocery stores in the tea aisle. It is used as a mild sedative, and is good for insomnia as well as many other nervous conditions. It is nervine and sedative especially suited to teething children and those who have been in a highly emotional state over a long period of time. Except for a very small risk of allergy to the daisy family, Chamomile is also one of the safest herbs to use. It is safe for even the youngest baby.

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Home Remedies - Chilli (Capsicum Annuum)

Home Remedies - Chilli (Capsicum Annuum)

The Chilli is a dynamic herb- purifying the blood and stimulating the circulation and energising the body. Chilli also makes every other herb work better synergistically. Some even say that it is better to take directly via the mouth and not use capsules as most of the benefit come from the nerve endings in the tongue being stimulated. Obviously though, it is sensible to start slowly.

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Home Remedies - Cinnamon

Cinnamon not only delights the taste buds, but benefits other parts of our body as well. It is one of the world's oldest healers. Recent research studies show that cinnamon contains constituents that can kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. It has the following properties: analgesic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, cardiac, carminative, emmenagogue, insecticide, stimulant, stomachic, and tonic.

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Home Remedies - Cold and Flu Mix

Here in Bathurst our mornings and evenings are now starting cool down. The following signs; long sleeves, heaters, mists and fog all point to the fact that our long hot dry summer is drawing to a close. So to be ready for winter I have included one of many possible herbal tonics.

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Home Remedies - Coriander Detox

Home Remedies - Coriander Detox

Dr Omura , a physician, found that fresh cilantro (coriander) removes heavy metals from the body in less than two weeks.

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Home Remedies - Dandelion.....don't go past the Simple Dandelion

Home Remedies - Dandelion.....don't go past the Simple Dandelion

Dandelions have a thick tap root, dark brown, almost black on the outside though white and milky within, the long jagged leaves rise directly, radiating from it to form a rosette lying close upon the ground. The leaves are shiny and without hairs, the margin of each leaf cut into great jagged teeth, either upright or pointing somewhat backwards. All parts of the plant contain a somewhat bitter, milky juice (latex), but the juice of the root being still more powerful is the part of the plant most used for medicinal purposes.

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Home Remedies - Diarrhea

Any problems to do with the gastrointestinal tract can benefit from taking Slippery Elm powder twice daily. I flat teaspoon before breakfast and dinner mixed with either yoghurt or Baby stewed fruit (which you can buy in small jars).

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Home Remedies - Evening Primrose Oil

Home Remedies - Evening Primrose Oil

The flowers open in the evening and close up during the day and are strongly scented with a delicious sweet perfume which attracts pollinating moths.

Evening Primrose is edible and medicinal and has a long history of use as an alternative medicine . The leaves are cooked and eaten as greens and the roots are said to be sweet succulent and delicious when boiled like potatoes. Flowers are a sweet addition to salads or as a garnish and young seedpods are Steamed. This plant was a staple food for many Native American tribes.

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Home Remedies - Fennel

Home Remedies - Fennel

The Romans were very fond of the young shoots, eating both for the flavor as well as in the belief that it would control obesity. Even the original Greek name for fennel was derived from the word "maraino," meaning to grow thin. This belief was held even as late as the herbalist Culpepper's time when he wrote of fennel that "all parts of the plant are much used in drink or broth to make people lean that are too fat." There may be some backing to that belief since the seeds are known to be a slight appetite suppressant. The Puritans would chew the seeds during periods of holiday fasting to stave off hunger.

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Home Remedies - Garlic

Home Remedies - Garlic

The garlic flower was historically and traditionally used as a symbol over the door of the classical herbalist. Classical herbalists very rightly have great respect for this plant. Ancient Egyptians workers were entitled to a certain amount of garlic as part of their wages. Maybe we should all insist on regular partaking of garlic. The word garlic comes from Old English garleac, meaning "spear leek". Dating back over 6,000 years, it is native to Central Asia, and has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region, as well as a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Home Remedies - Ginger (Zingiber Officianalis)

Ginger yields an essential oil that is steam distilled from the unpeeled, dried and ground root. The scent is somewhat bitterer than the root but when used in aromatherapy the oil mixes well with sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli, adding a woody-spicy scent to the mix.

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Home Remedies - Gingko Biloba (Maiden Hair Fern Tree)

Home Remedies - Gingko Biloba (Maiden Hair Fern Tree)

Gingko Biloba is a herb I am using more and more with patients, definitely a herb for the modern person with a high level of stress and elevated blood pressure.

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Home Remedies - Good Oils For Skin

Use cold pressed, virgin oils to avoid extra processing and solvent extraction.

  1. Avocado Oil - Thick oil with high peneration rate, balances oily skin
  2. Apricot Oil - High vitamin E content, nourishing for mature, dry , sensitive skin
  3. Coconut Oil - A wonderful cream base,cleansing softening and soothing
  4. Evening Primrose Oil - Improves skin hydration, dehydrated, fragile, stressed, soothing
  5. Hempseed Oil - Dryness, flaking, excema and psoriasis
  6. Rosehip Oil - Helpful for burns, wrinkles, sundamage, crows feet, toning
  7. Jojoba Oil - Similar composition to skin, good for inflamed, red oily, sensitive skin.

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Home Remedies - Gotu Kola

Home Remedies - Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is occasionally called the arthritis herb in Australia has been known for centuries, valued for treating leprosy and tuberculosis; relieving the pain of rheumatism and arthritis; to increase brain capacity; and for longevity, often being called, the elixir of life. A legendary saying, in reference to gotu kola was: '2 leaves a day, keeps old age away'. In Sinhalese culture, they valued the herb to strengthen and revitalize worn out bodies and brains; eating 2-3 leaves a day to bring about a gradual return to health and strength, provided that the body is exposed to the sun, for a time, each day.

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Home Remedies - Hot Flushes

Risk factors for menopausal concerns include:-

  • Low estrogen
  • Diets low in phytoestrogens-flaxseeds, peanuts, macadamias, rice bran oil promotes endorphin release
  • Insulin resistence
  • Anxiety, fear, tension
  • Adrenal stress depletes magnesium
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Low body weight
  • Premature menopause
  • Neurotransmitter imbalances
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Home Remedies - How Healthy is Dairy?

There is no human requirement for milk from a cow," says Suzanne Havala, RD, author of the American Dietetic Association's "Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets" and several books on nutrition. "The use of milk and its products in our country is strictly a cultural tradition," she notes. "There are millions of people around the world who never consume cow's milk and are none the worse for it."

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Home Remedies - Kelp (Sea weed, Fucus versiculosus)

Home Remedies - Kelp (Sea weed, Fucus versiculosus)

Kelp is used to strengthen and promote the glands. It controls the thyroid and regulates metabolism. It is a sustainer to the nervous system and the brain, and is a terrific boost for pregnancy and the developing child. It contains over 30 essential minerals and vitamins.

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Home Remedies - Learn to Love Bitters

Home Remedies - Learn to Love Bitters

Prickly Lettuce or Wild Lettuce

This plant looks like a prickly garden lettuce gone to seed. All parts of it exude a white sap when pierced. It is found in vacant lots, car parks and degraded pastures.

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Home Remedies - Lecithin, Brain Food

Home Remedies - Lecithin, Brain Food

In todays modern world and lifestyle we need more nerve and brain energy than ever before.

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Home Remedies - Lets Talk Weight Loss

Many herbs are used for temporary weight loss, including some that you can buy at an herb store. However, there are many herbalists who consider weight loss formulas to be harmful, and will not make them for their clients.

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Home Remedies - Life Giving forces of Miso Soup

Miso soup alkalises the blood, wakes up the nervous system and offers nourishment, stamina and energy.

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Home Remedies - Magnesium cream

An alternative or addition to an Epsom Salts bath to relax muscles and any tension. Magnesium cream is also another way of absorbing magnesium which is so low in our diets today.

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Home Remedies - Make your own Comfrey Ointment

8 oz. of dried comfrey leaves
1 pint of vegetable oil
1/2 sq. in. of beeswax

Place the comfrey and the vegetable oil in a double boiler and simmer gently for 3 hours. Carefully monitor the temperature of the herbal oil to make certain it does not exceed 160 degrees. Comfrey contains allantoin and higher temperatures destroy it. After 3 hours, strain the mixture through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. To 3 1/2 oz. of comfrey oil add 1/2 sq. in. of beeswax. Place the mixture in the double boiler and heat gently until the beeswax has melted. Pour the ointment into a dark colored jar. Store in a cool dark place. The ointment will keep for up to one year.

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Home Remedies - Millet (Maiden Hair Fern Tree)

Millet is one of the oldest foods known to humans and possibly the first cereal grain to be used for domestic purposes. Although millet is most often associated as the main ingredient in bird seed, it is not just "for the birds." Creamy like mashed potatoes or fluffy like rice, millet is a delicious grain that can accompany many types of food. As with most grains, millet is available in markets throughout the year.

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Home Remedies - Onions, Garlic and Cabbage


In the Middle Ages, onions were used as a charm to ward off the Plague. According to Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), "the juice .... dropped into the ears eases the pains and noises in them." Until comparatively recently it was not uncommon for a mother to put the warmed core of an onion, or some onion juice, into her child's ear to relieve the pain of earache. Roasted onion has also been used in the past as a poultice for weeping ulcers and chilblains. A slice of onion is reputed to remove warts. The Greeks used onion juice as a treatment for alopecia. Onions also help to reduce high blood pressure. They protect against the harmful effects of fatty foods on the blood, and this may help prevent circulatory diseases such as coronary heart disease, thrombosis, and a wide range of conditions associated with strokes and poor circulation. Research has shown that onions may offer protection against tumors as it is believed that the sulphur compounds may help prevent the growth of tumor cells. Onion cough syrup is very easy to make. Slice an onion (or garlic) and place in a bowl, layering it with sugar or honey. Cover and leave overnight. Pour off the resulting syrup into a bottle and refrigerate.

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Home Remedies - Reflux

  1. Drinking more water and herbal teas-liquorice and chamomile would both be excellent . At least 4 glasses of water and two cups of liquorice tea each day.
  2. Very Important. Start taking 1 flat teaspoon of slippery elm powder before meals and again before bed. Mix with small amount of yoghurt or mashed stewed fruit or banana. Slippery elm assists to heal the lining of the gastrointestinal tract if taken regularly for 3 months and make digestion comfortable, reducing bloating and burping .
  3. To assist with your work related stress, some form of yoga or meditation or diaphragmatic breathing (5 minutes twice daily) will help
  4. Exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Even walking and enjoying nature can be very uplifting and help put life in perspective.
  5. Lifting the head of the bed with something the size of a brick (10cm) will assist with any acid reflux at night
  6. No over eating or eating late at night or eating when stressed.
  7. Chocolate, tomato, onions, spicy foods and fatty foods can lower the tone of the lower oesophageal sphincter, so avoid these for now.
  8. White flour and refined sugar can also be detrimental to healing.
  9. Emotional issues are often at the base of digestive issues so I urge you to take up at least some of my suggestions to address this.
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Home Remedies - Sage

Home Remedies - Sage

A wise lady once told me to eat one or two sage leaves each day on toast or chopped into salad.

Sage essential oil, Salvia officinalis, is a stimulating oil which helps to stimulate and balance the nerves and dispels tiredness and depression. Sage is excellent in adding the memory. Use in massage oils for aches, pains, rheumatism and over exercised muscles. Raises blood pressure. Steam for alleviating bronchitis, coughs, colds and other infections. Helpful during menopause, Sage helps control hot flushes, night sweats and balances the nerves and massage on tummy to help relieve painful menstruation. The thujone in the volatile oil has an antiseptic and antibiotic action and, when taken as a mouthwash, Salvia deals effectively with throat infections, dental abscesses, infected gums and mouth ulcers.

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Home Remedies - Sheep Sorrel

Home Remedies - Sheep Sorrel

Sheep sorrel is one of the strongest antioxidant herbs we can use regularly, to benefit our health. And why are antioxidants so important? They have the ability to zap out free radicals caused by foods, pollutants, and stress, and provide a strong line of defense for the immune system. Research shows that we are all making cancer cells daily. If the thymus is making adequate 'T' cells and the immune system is strong, all is well. However, statistics in Australia show not all is well. One in four people will be diagnosed with cancer. Why such high figures? A number of factors may influence such high cancer rates, like pesticides and chemicals in foods, pollutants in the environment, lack of nutrients in foods, electromagnetic radiation, and excess stress, to name a few. With regular use of sheep sorrel and other antioxidant rich herbs, we can boost the power of protection.

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Home Remedies - Should we try Gelatin for Arthritic Complaints?

Gelatin is the precursor to cartilage formation in the body. Gelatin itself is very similar in structure to Type 2 Collagen, (connective tissue) which is an important part of cartilage.

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Home Remedies - Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, soft, flesh coloured growths of excess tissue that hang from the skin. They usually occur in clusters on the armpits, eyelids, groin, neck and other body folds, Skin tags stay the same size and colour.

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Home Remedies - Slippery Elm

Everyone should have some in their cupboard!

This incredible herb is a member of the Elm (Ulmus) family. Native to Canada and the US, it can be found growing in the Appalachian Mountains. The inner bark is collected from trees which are at least 10 years old, and is mainly powdered for therapeutic use.

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Home Remedies - St Mary's Thistle


Otherwise known as St Mary's Thistle, Silybum Marianum (botanical name), Marian's Thistle, Milk Thistle and Holy Thistle (do not confuse with Blessed Thistle), the plant's many guises all relate to an old legend. The story tells of Mary (Maria) resting beneath the boughs of a thistle tree so that she may feed the baby Jesus. It is said that a drop of her milk fell on the plant's green leaves and there it stayed.

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Home Remedies - Stomach Cramps

Home Remedies - Stomach Cramps

Wild mint was used by all the nations as an aid in digestion. It was steeped in water for the patient to drink.

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Home Remedies - Sweet Violets

Viola odorata, Ordinary violet, Common blue violet, Sweet violet, Garden violet

The symbol of ancient Athens, the violet was believed to moderate anger, strengthen and comfort the heart, and promote refreshing sleep. Garlands of its blossoms worn around the heads of revelers were supposed to dispel wine fumes and prevent dizziness and headaches (chemical analysis of the plant reveals the presence of salicylic acid—the "raw material" for aspirin—and thus shows that the Greeks may have known whereof they spoke). The leaves, which have antiseptic properties, can be used in ointments or as poultices for bruises and, when made into a tea or syrup, have been taken for internal inflammations and coughs.

There are even reports of violet-leaf infusions having helped to allay the pain of throat disorders, To make an infusion, pour 1 pint of boiling water over 2-1/2 ounces of fresh, clean leaves and allow the brew to steep overnight. Strain the liquid, which may then be drunk cold by the wineglassful every 2 hours. To be effective, the infusion should be made fresh daily.

Tea made from the entire plant is used to treat digestive disorders and new research has detected the presence of a glycoside of salicylic acid (natural aspirin) which substantiates its use for centuries as a medicinal remedy for headache, body pains and as a sedative. Used externally the fresh crushed leaves reduce swelling and soothe irritations. As a bath additive the fresh crushed flowers are soothing to the skin and the aroma is very relaxing.

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Home Remedies - Taking Care of yourself During Christmas Festivities

Alcohol severely depletes B-vitamins, thus contributing to mood swings and depression. Make a point of eating a large bowl of B-vitamin enriched breakfast cereal the morning after a boozy evening.

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Home Remedies - Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree Oil or cream is a wonderful little remedy to always have on hand for a multiple of uses. It is best not to be ingested orally. It is both antifungal and antibacterial as well as having some antiviral activity . It Is found to be effective against head lice, acne (5% in cream or gel), tinea (10%essential oil in cream base), toenail infections -(needs 100% essential Oil), gingivitis (-2.5% gel ), dandruff (5% in shampoo) , dermatitis and vaginitis (diluted emusLified solution).

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Home Remedies - Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a nervous system condition found in those who maintain residual muscular tension in the jaw while sleeping. The herb Valerian is particularly applicable to this type of nervous system and it may be as simple as either drinking acup of Valerian tea each evening or taking 10 drops of Valerian extract in water.

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Home Remedies - The Elder

Home Remedies - The Elder

The Elder is the Old Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and powerful indeed is her protection and blessing.

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Home Remedies - The Health Benefits Of Evening Primrose

The remarkably rich stores of GLA in evening primrose oil are what make it so valuable in healing. Taken internally, the body converts GLA into prostaglandins. These hormone like compounds help regulate various body functions, controlling inflammation in some cases and promoting it in others. The prostaglandins produced from GLA fall into the anti-inflammatory category. Cell membranes also rely on the presence of GLA.

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Home Remedies - The Humble Lemon

Lemon juice has long been used as a diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, tonic, lotion, and gargle.

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Home Remedies - The Remarkable Lemon

Home Remedies - The Remarkable Lemon

Lemons and limes are an excellent source of Vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants in nature. Vitamin C is one of the main antioxidants found in food and the primary water-soluble antioxidant in the body. Vitamin C travels through the body neutralizing any free radicals with which it comes into contact in the aqueous environments in the body both inside and outside cells. Free radicals can interact with the healthy cells of the body, damaging them and their membranes, and also cause a lot of inflammation, or painful swelling, in the body. This is one of the reasons that vitamin C has been shown to be helpful for reducing some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Home Remedies - The Simple Dandelion

The dandelion plant has long jagged leaves radiating to form a rosette lying close upon the ground. The leaves are shiny and without hairs, the margin of each leaf cut into great jagged teeth, either upright or pointing somewhat backwards. All parts of the plant contain a somewhat bitter, milky juice (latex), but the juice of the root being still more powerful is the part of the plant most used for medicinal purposes.

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Home Remedies - Travel Mix for Horses

The Herbal Travel Mixes are often formulated for individual animals once I know them and am able to take into account their own personality and experience.

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Home Remedies - Water

At the risk of repeating myself, our body will use 2-2.5 liters of water to perform its normal bodily functions (metabolism). It will do this whether we like it or not and if we do not provide our body with the necessary water to perform its vital functions, it will just take it from within the body tissues resulting in dehydration. Because the skin holds a high percentage of water, it is easy for the body to take it from our skin and use it else where, resulting in dry, dehydrated skin.
As the weather warms up, we perspire more and as a result need more water than usual. Also, if we exercise, the metabolism is increased and the consumption of water rises accordingly.

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Home Remedies - Water V Coke - Fascinating Reading


  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (This likely applies to half the world population.)
  • In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.
  • One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied (in a University of Washington study).
  • Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
  • Preliminary research indicates that 8 to 10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
  • A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.
  • Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.
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Home Remedies - Weight Loss

Over the Christmas season with celebrations and all that catching up with friends that we tend to do, with its associated eating and drinking we can put on more kilos than what we are happy with, so I have included a few simple ideas for getting back into control after the merry season.

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Home Remedies - Wheat Grass

Home Remedies - Wheat Grass

Some say wheat grass is almost like a blood transfusion that it is a wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator which means it helps your body to throw out toxins that have built up over the years and helps it replace old dead cells with new cells. These are certainly factors that cause disease in our bodies and so wheat grass deserves more study.

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Home Remedies -Borage

Borage grows all year round and seeds by itself. John Gerard the herbalist from the 1500's wrote in his decription of borage as bringing happiness and comfort. Borage flowers are renowned to relieve melancholy. The leaves are used for adrenal exhaustion, fevers and chest colds.

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Home Remedies- Poultices

Poultices are an age-old remedy for many conditions.

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Home Remedies- Probiotics

Probiotics come in many different forms such as probiotic yoghurts and fermented milk drinks. While Health food stores and pharmacies often have probiotic powders and capsules (some of which claim to be suitable for infants and small children).

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Home Remedies- The Humble Plum

Fruits: The plum is every bit as healthy for you as the blueberry. Everyone seems to think of the blueberry as the ultimate fruit, rich in antioxidants. But if you're looking for a cheaper option in these credit-crunch times, try the plum, say researchers.

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